Hashi Who?

Last October I went to my sleep specialist for our last insurance-obligated appointment. After two sleep studies and sleeping with a CPAP machine for six months, he had ordered blood work in preparation for our last meeting.

As he went over it, he casually mentioned that there were antibodies present that indicated that my hypothyroid condition was also an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s. I wondered if I should be devastated- terminal illness style- or slightly disappointed like someone who gained ten pounds. He went on to explain that my body would eventually destroy my thyroid and that I would have to stay on medication for the rest of my life.

Sooo…. that didn’t sound good, per se. But I still wasn’t sure exactly what it meant. I needed to have a conversation with Web MD stat.

After a lot of research, many of my questions have been answered:

Am I going to die sooner because of this? No.

What can I blame on this condition? foggy brain, anxiety, infertility, ADD, weight gain, fatigue, joint pain (I’ve had all of these).

What should I be doing to help myself? As I read more and more, I stumbled upon the Autoimmune Paleo Diet and Mickie Trescott and Angie Alt. In the middle of reading their book, I visited my OBGYN for my yearly exam. We discussed my recent Hashimoto’s diagnosis and she pointed me in the direction that I was already headed, suggesting cutting out gluten and dairy and following a Paleo diet to slow down or even stop the progression of my condition.

I started the diet right after Christmas, around six months ago. Since then, I’ve started attending an integrative medicine practice, my anxiety is almost gone, I feel much more clear headed and I’ve lost 30 lb.

During the past six months I’ve been thinking about this blog and how I let it fall by the wayside but could use it more than ever. I have learned about so much in such a short time: kombucha, bone broth, essential oils, integrative medicine, supplements, massage, CSAs, cutting chemicals from my cleaning and beauty routine. I have so much to tell you about.

And I still have so many questions: Can I ever find an exercise that I don’t dread or a bone broth that doesn’t gross me out? How am I ever going to find a use for all the cucumbers that keep coming in my CSA? What don’t I already know about gut healing? How do I get over this two month long weight loss plateau that I currently find myself in? So many questions!

Thanks for coming along for the ride. ❤