I’m Sensing a Pattern.

When I started this blog I did it with the intent of changing one thing a week, mostly diet or exercise-wise, in an effort to become healthier every week and therefore super healthier in the longrun.

This is how its gone so far.

Week One: I cut out caffeine.

After two days of excrutiating headaches followed by three otherwise normal coffee free days I started remembering that I’ve read tons of stuff about coffee actually being good for you. Also I love coffee. Also I’m a better person in the morning when I drink coffee. And why was I even trying to give it up?

Week Two: Add 30-minute walks daily.

This was great for both me and my awesome dog, Riggs. This change is a keeper.

image1 (1)

Week Three: Cut out peanuts

This lasted one day before I really wanted peanut butter which is weird because I don’t even eat peanuts or peanut butter very often. I prefer almonds. Do you see the pattern I’m seeing?

Week Four: Add 45 minute walk every week day

I love these walks. 45 minutes is really not that different from 30 minutes except I feel like more of a winner and Riggs is even happier.

Week Five: Cut out dairy.

I thought this was a really a great idea for several days and then… yeah you probably can guess.

Somewhere during this period I added vitamins, added more fruit and vegetables, upped the walk to an hour, and had five different doctor sessions revolving around my sleep issues (Good news on that front, by the way).

So it turns out I’m like a bratty kid that rebels against anything they have to do and has to be treated very carefully… by myself :/. Is that crazy? That was rhetorical.



3 thoughts on “I’m Sensing a Pattern.

  1. Daily walks are huge for me. Mine are more like 20-30 they’re on my lunch break, but it’s the best for my mental health and to “wake up” my legs from sitting at a desk.
    And coffee. I’ve noticed lately that too much caffeine makes me more anxious, but like you, I LOVE coffee and just am not a big fan of decaf. I guess I could just drink less 😉

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  2. This is great that you’re trying/cutting something out each week. I’ve officially been coffee free for a month and a half, and I do feel great. However, this last week I have added in Spark once a day , which is a caffeine and vitamin drink. So far, it has helped aid in my energy levels!
    When it comes to peanuts, I wouldn’t cut out the good nuts like plain almonds. Or all natural almond butter. They are actually really good for you in moderation. Add a Tbls. Of it with a fruit or veggie or a small handful of almonds.
    Never truly deprive yourself cold turkey of things that you enjoy. Minus things that are bad for you like fried foods and refined sugars.
    Just give yourself a limit, so you’re still able to enjoy a small amount without over indulging!
    Don’t forget to drink water!


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