Getting out Much

I am a total hermit by nature. I love people. I love having new experiences. But my couch… its so comfortable.

These past few months in South Carolina, though, have even been too much for me. The “thousand year flood” seems to have kicked off a monsoon-style rainy season that has gone on now for three months. Mostly, we’re now the Northwest U.S., but less progressive and with (I imagine) a little less flannel.

We had to get out of the house today because I was going to start beating my head against a wall. And miracle of miracles! It wasn’t raining (cloudy and wet, yes, but no rain).

So we got lunch and headed to The State Museum.


We watched Polar Express in the museum’s 4D theater. N was a trooper for the whole 15 minutes! It was really fun.


We had some free time after Polar Express, so we were able to walk around and play a little.


M is 6’5. So N gets an extra special view everywhere we go.


Our last stop was at the museum’s planetarium for a holiday laser show. It was a little long and N started screaming about the potty half way through. So that was cool.


Over all, today was a reminder of how much there is to do even on a cloudy, wet day and how important it is to get out there. This year I hope to make small changes to be the healthiest person I can be. I want to fight my hermit ways and remember, going places is good for you. ❤



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